We are organized under the name of Primitive Methodist, a name taken by the founders of this movement in 1807. To understand our early days we would highly recommend the e-book on Kindle, Turning the World Upside Down: Learning from the Primitive Methodist Movement by Dave Price.


English Language Resources

Movements That Change the World: Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel

by Steve Addison


What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World

by Steve Addison


Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

by Steve Addison


Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery

by David L. & Paul D. Watson

World Missions & Evangelism

Verge Network

Multiplacation Network


Spanish Language Resources


Spanish Language Resources from SEND

Nueva Vida en Cristo

Proyecto Imagina


Haciendo discipulos intencionalmente documento


Bible reading plan spanish


Dichd gidc espanol 3 circulos


La ilustracion de la rueda 1


La ilustracion de la rueda 2


La vida de devocion de un lider


Red De Multiplicacion


Multi-Language Resources


Multi-Language Resources from SEND at: