Is God Good?

As I spoke with a brother the other day whose life is coming to an end and the darkness of Alzheimer's was consuming his mind, I was assuring him of God's grace. At one point I used that somewhat trite phrase, "God is good." I call it "trite" because I feel we

Your Edge

Ever lose your edge?  Have you ever had that experience where you just didn’t do as well as you normally do, or as you used to do?  It can be frustrating. I love to play basketball on the weekends.  Now, I don’t want to mention my age here, but when I show

An Example

Our daughter, who lives overseas, was home for a while last year and for a surprise treated my wife and I to a night at an art studio.  It was not the kind where you look at art, but where you create art.  Well, I might be using that word loosely!  


If you are here reading this you must have noticed that this website is about making disciples.  What is a disciple?  Well, at its basic level, a disciple is someone who follows another for the purpose of learning something from them.  They may want to become like them!!   Every one of