Your Edge

Ever lose your edge?  Have you ever had that experience where you just didn’t do as well as you normally do, or as you used to do?  It can be frustrating.

I love to play basketball on the weekends.  Now, I don’t want to mention my age here, but when I show up at Foot Locker or Dick’s or someplace like that to buy some basketball sneakers, I have gotten some interesting responses from the young salespersons.  I once received a quizzical look followed by “For you?”  I was once asked if they were for my grandson.  Yes, I am old enough to have a grandson.  So, reading the clues here, you might guess that my game has lost some of its edge.  That is, if it ever really had an edge!

Some years ago I read a book by Arnold Cook entitled Historical Drift.  It was aimed at the church specifically but the author drew many examples and applications from the business world as well.  It was about the real danger that exists in groups, as well as individuals, to experience dimming vision, shifting values and fading passion.  In other words, what used to give us our edge has somehow been lost in the shuffle and we have drifted away from it.  Somewhere and somehow we lost our edge.  

This sad reality can apply to many different areas in our lives, such as education, job, marriage and others.  When we are young we have a passion to make a difference.  We want to change the world!!  We can conquer the world!! Then we find out that we need a job (not our dream job) to pay the bills (especially the college loans!) and other commitments come along and there just seems like there are not enough hours in the day left to do any of the world-changing we once pursued.

We have one of two choices now.  Figure out how to be content and make do and just coast on with an ever-fading passion and dimming vision.  Or, figure out how to organize life as it is now so that you can still be making a difference.  We can always make a difference!  Even if we have little to give, if it is given with a guiding vision and a real passion we can still make a real difference.


I cannot do on the basketball court what I used to do.  But I still play with passion and a desire to win and every once in a while I can still make a good play and even hit the winning shot.  Keep pressing on!


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