If you are here reading this you must have noticed that this website is about making disciples.  What is a disciple?  Well, at its basic level, a disciple is someone who follows another for the purpose of learning something from them.  They may want to become like them!!  

Every one of us have been a disciple since the day we were born!  We were discipled in eating and being potty-trained.  We were discipled in walking and tying our shoes.  We were discipled in learning the alphabet and in learning our numbers.  You get the idea!  Almost everything we know and can do, we were taught by others.  They modeled these things and taught us how to do them. This may have been a group effort between parents, grandparents, teachers and babysitters!

This need never ends!  Anything we do or want to do or want to be requires that we learn about it from someone.  It’s why we go to school from kindergarten to university or go to a trade school.  It’s why we need to go through a period of training when we get a new job.  We need to learn from someone about what they know and how they do it so that we can do it properly also.  Even until the day we die we will need to be learning things from others.  Usually this is mostly about learning how to use our technology from the eight-year-old!!

When Jesus began his ministry on earth he gathered around himself twelve men that were called disciples.  Jesus used that well known invitation, “follow me” and they did (Matthew 4:18-20; 9:9).  And so Jesus, on his way to the cross, spent three years making disciples.  He taught and mentored these men to be able to carry out the call and continue making more disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).

If we have been following Jesus, then we want to be making disciples of Jesus who also can make other disciples of Jesus because that is our mandate from Him.  Jesus wants us to walk this road together.  He wants us to be a community focused on the same goal.  It is certainly one of the reasons he chose twelve disciples and not just one or two.

So this site is a place for us to gather and maybe help each other in this calling.  Welcome!

Don Kidd

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